• Intellectual property management, litigation, and licensing services

Intellectual Property (or “IP”) is a vital metric in today’s post-industrial economy.  By some measures IP accounts for more than 40% of economic growth and employment.  Central to the value of IP is a nuanced understanding of the law, business and technology behind nurturing and protecting innovation.   In the past this understanding has been most aptly realized by companies with large in-house legal teams.  In today’s climate, however, companies and individuals are seeking to realize this same aim in a more cost-effective and flexible manner.

After a career working for and leading teams on the cutting edge of IP and generating highly material value for our clients, we launched David L. Cohen, P.C. in 2017.  Our simple goal is to effectively and efficiently bring that same level of sophisticated legal and IP management services to our firm’s clients.   David L. Cohen, P.C. can provide all the strategic and day-to-day services of a large and sophisticated intellectual property and legal department under a variety of versatile arrangements.

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